LarryBoy: A lot of people ask me how I keep my trim figure.

I like to do a little something called, "The Superhero Slimdown."


Let's get ready.

We're gonna start with the spandex flex.

If you don't have a spandex suit,

You can just use a pair of underwear.

Ready, and...

Stretch, ow!

Stretch, ow!

Stretch, OW!


Okay now, we're gonna do some super-suction sit-ups.

Everyone, turn your suction helmet sideways.

If you don't have a suction helmet,

you can just use a rubber band and a goldfish.

Ready and.....





Whoo, okay, now we're gonna do some robot squats.

Everyone, grab a robot.

If you don't have a robot,

You can just use your little brother.

Ready, and....

Down, ugh.

Down, uhhh.

Down, umph.


Whoo, good workout.

I need a donut.