Otar (Bob): We've got to distract Olaf!


Look, Olaf, there's a fish

With a pretty yellow circle

At the bottom of the backside of his fin!

Look, Olaf, there's another

and another

and another

and that little one has got a funny grin!


Olaf (Mr. Nezzer): Well, I don't see any--


Otar: Look, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf,

Way down underneath the water

Itís the biggest fish I think I've ever seen!

Look, Olaf, he's got purple spots

And orange and yellow markings

And a dorsal fin that's iridescent green!


Olaf: What?


Sven (Larry): Otar, I don't see anything!


Otar: Sven, we've got to distract him! Help me out!


Sven: Oohhh...


Look, Olaf, there's a turtle

And he's wearing pink pajamas

And he's got a cowboy hat upon his lid!

Look, Olaf, there he goes

And see, he's riding on a llama

And he's chasing down a herd of giant squid!


Look, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf!


Otar: Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf!


Sven: There's a whale thatís dancing with a bear!


Otar: Look, Olaf, itís a mermaid!


Sven: Itís an ostrich!


Otar: Itís a bunny! Look, Olaf! Please look anywhere but--


Olaf: I don't see anything...What?


Otar: But there.